Retrat d'Esther Paniagua


Journalist and author specialised in science and technology. She contribues to El País, El Español (R+D), Xataka and Muy Interesante, among other media outlets. She is a professor in the Executive Master in Artificial Intelligence at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence.

She was recognised as one of the “Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain” in 2019 and included in the list of “The 100 Most Creative Spaniards in the Business World” by Forbes España magazine. She is the author behind the reports Inteligencia artificial, big data, el poder de los datos [Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, the Power of Data] and Modelos de negocio disruptivos [Disruptive Business Models] published by the Bankinter Innovation Foundation’s Future Trends Forum.

Articles by Esther Paniagua

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The futures of workWhen robots didn’t take our jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated automation and digitalisation. How does that affect workers, what new roles and demands does it bring forth, and what is the...

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