Retrat de Gustavo Duch


Degree in Veterinary Science. He was a founding member, in 1987, of Veterinarios sin Fronteras [Veterinarians Without Borders], and director from 1991 to 2009. He is coordinator of the magazine Soberanía Alimentaria, Biodiversidad y Culturas [Food Sovereignty, Biodiversity and Cultures], and collaborates closely with farmers’ movements such as La Via Campesina and Plataforma Rural. 

He has published the books Lo que hay que tragar [Things to Swallow], Alimentos bajo sospecha [Foods Under Suspicion], Sin lavarse las manos [Without Washing Your Hands], and Mucha gente pequeña [Lots of Little People].

Articles by Gustavo Duch

Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelCounterurbanisation

The growth of cities is paving over nature, encroaching on farmland and stoning agriculture. If, as numerous studies show, urbanisation processes are becoming less and less...

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