Portrait of Jaume Fabre

Journalist and writer

He has published more than fifty books on urban history, everyday life and institutions, and studies on communication, half of them in conjunction with the journalist Josep Maria Huertas Clavería. 

Their joint publication Tots els barris de Barcelona [All the Neighbourhoods of Barcelona] is a reference book in the field of the historiography of the city’s neighbourhoods. He has just published Cròniques del fang. Quan els diaris van donar veu als barris [Mud Chronicles. When Newspapers Gave Neighbourhoods a Voice], published by Barcelona City Council.

Articles by Jaume Fabre i Fornaguera

Picasso, Miró and attracting foreign visitors

The year 2023 is dedicated to Picasso-Miró, since it shall mark the 50th and 40th anniversaries of their deaths, respectively. Among other initiatives, the Fundació...

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