Retrat de Josep Bohigas


Josep Bohigas is the director of the strategic planning agency Barcelona Regional and co-director of the BOPBAA architecture studio, with which he carried out the expansion of the Thyssen Museum in Madrid, the housing for the Fòrum, El Molino Theatre in Barcelona and other projects. 

The winner of three FAD awards and three City of Barcelona awards, he has also curated cultural activism programmes such as Arquitectes de Capçalera 2014 and Piso Piloto 2015 to explore new solutions to the housing problem.

Articles by Josep Bohigas

Il·lustració © Ana Yael Zareceansky. Una carretera circular tancada com una pista de tren d'un joc infantil. Per l'interior hi passeja un home i un cotxe cap per avall. El tub d'escapament treu fum que alhora sembla que dibuixi un núvol.
Building the metropolisThe ring roads, yesterday and today

From the beginning, the ring roads defined a new urban reality that confirmed Barcelona’s change of scale, its transformation from a city...

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