Retrat de Marc Martí-Costa

PhD in Public Policies and Social Transformation

PhD in Public Policies and Social Transformation from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is a researcher at the Barcelona Institute for Regional and Metropolitan Studies (IERMB) in Public Policies and Urban and Metropolitan Governance, fields in which he has published numerous articles and monographs.

He lectures on the master’s degree in Urbanism and the City at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and the Metropolis master’s degree at the IERMB. Member of the Board of the Catalan Society for Spatial Planning.

Articles by Marc Martí-Costa

Un agent de la Guàrdia Urbana aplaudeix els paradistes del Mercat d’Hostafrancs, que també li estan fent un reconeixement. © Ajuntament de Barcelona / Isaac Planella
How can we deal with a complex emergency?

The health and social emergency triggered by the COVID-19 crisis has represented a major challenge for municipal government administration in Barcelona. The City...

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