Marina Subirats is a sociologist specialized in the sociology of education and of women.

She was the director of the Women’s Institute of the Spanish Ministry of Social Affairs from 1993 to 1996. She has served on the Barcelona City Council as counsellor of Education, as the president of district councils and as fifth deputy mayor. Her works include L’escola rural a Catalunya (1983), Barcelona: de la necessitat a la llibertat. Les classes socials al tombant del segle XXI (2012) and Forjar un hombre, moldear una mujer (2013).

Articles by Marina Subirats

Una família amb l’àvia, un adult i un nen passegen pel mig del passeig de Sant Joan, que forma part de la xarxa d’itineraris segurs © Ajuntament de Barcelona / Goroka
Barcelona, a mirror of our time

The city is the story of the people who have inhabited it and inhabit it, of their work, of their aspirations. People are born and die, and while they live they shape...

Open cityIs there a women’s city?

From a feminist perspective, cities need to respond to the human need to inhabit, not to accumulate wealth. They need to allow people to live where they were born and to access the type...

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