Marina Vinyes Albes

Independent curator and programmer

Marina Vinyes Albes holds a degree in Humanities and trained in film and contemporary audiovisual studies at the Pompeu Fabra University. She holds a doctoral contract in Visual Arts and Philosophy at Barcelona University and the Sorbonne (France), where she lectures in the Faculty of Letters.

 She recently curated the programme of seminars and screenings La vida de les històries. El testimoni filmat (2017) and the series of films Revolució, je t’aime. Cinema y ruptures del 68 (2018), along with Arnau Vilaró. She contributes to ‘Cultura/s’ in La Vanguardia and to the Jeu de Paume magazine and has published in various specialised magazines.

Articles by Marina Vinyes Albes

Un quadre de Charlotte Salomon

Charlotte’s story is the unique story of a girl immersed in a tragic family legacy, a lineage of suicides, a litany of inherited deaths which is abruptly revealed to her in exile...

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