Portrait of Montse Frisach

Journalist and art critic

(Ripollet, 1965). A journalist and critic specialising in the visual arts, she currently writes about art and music for various cultural media outlets. 

For almost three decades, she was editor of the Cultura section in the newspaper Avui and, later, of El Punt Avui. She works as a storyteller and is a writer for museum institutions and art galleries. In addition, she has curated the online exhibition A Visual Rhapsody for the Network of Art Museums of Catalonia; and the exhibitions Convidats & amfitrions [Guests & Hosts] at the Frederic Marès Museum and Visites inesperades [Unexpected Visits], which took place simultaneously at the Cerdanyola Art Museum and the Empordà Museum in Figueres. She is a member of the Catalan Association of Art Critics [ACCA] and has won the GAC [Art Galleries of Catalonia] and ACCA awards for art criticism.

Articles by Montse Frisach

“The artist must re-enchant, because we live in a disenchanted world”

Eugènia Balcells

A multifaceted artist, Eugènia Balcells (Barcelona, 1943) never stops. A pioneer of multimedia art and a member of the Catalan group of conceptual artists, driven by a boundless...

Black and white photographs by Lee Miller
Gala and Lee Miller, Surrealism in a room of one’s own

Gala was the wife and muse of Salvador Dalí, as well as his secretary and salesperson. Lee Miller was a stunningly beautiful fashion model who worked with Man Ray and served as a...

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