Retrat de Nil Nadal.

In terms of studies, Nil Nadal (1999) holds a master’s degree in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at the University of Barcelona. In the field of journalism, he collaborates with literary critics in the digital cultural magazine Núvol and writes reviews for the Can Rajoler theatre (Parets del Vallès). 

Exploiting his musical side, he has performed at festivals such as Primavera Club and Monkey Week, among other events. He is currently working on a solo project and accompanies Filles Europees (The Indian Runners) on drums.

Articles by Nil Nadal

Retrat de Patrick Radden Keefe. © Mariona Gil Sala
Portraying the world before changing it

Patrick Radden Keefe believes in the journalism that tirelessly seeks the truth to dig deeper and make information the first step in transforming the world. In a...

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