Portrait of Sandra Escapa


Sociologist, PhD in Sociology of Public and Social Policies from the University of Zaragoza and Master’s Degree in Sociology and Demography Research from the Pompeu Fabra University. She currently lectures in the Department of Sociology at the University of Barcelona. 

She has been a researcher at the Institute of Childhood and the Urban World (CIIMU), the Fundació Jaume Bofill and the Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies (IERMB), among others. She has been involved in drawing up Barcelona City Council’s Municipal Strategy Against Loneliness. She is the author of scientific and popular science articles, and conducts research on youth and life stages, unwanted loneliness, emotional distress and mental health, and poverty and social exclusion.

Articles by Sandra Escapa

Illustration. ©Genie Espinosa
Adolescents under pressureUnwanted loneliness: when being connected isn’t enough

Unwanted loneliness is not just linked to ageing. On the contrary, some studies reveal that it is young...

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