Retrat de Santi Ibarra


Bilbao, 1968. Degree in Architecture and Master’s Degree in Architectural Projects. He has been a professor of architecture and urban planning for ten years at ETSALS [La Salle School of Architecture, Barcelona].

A member of the journal Quaderns d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme [Architecture and Urban Planning Notebooks] and curator of the exhibition Arquitectures sense lloc [Placeless Architectures], he has written articles on the connection between urban planning, social movements and institutions.

A member of Sio2 Arch until 2015, an office specialising in public housing and facilities, and district councillor for Ciutat Vella since 2015 with responsibilities for public space, urban planning, mobility, the environment, housing and tourism.

Articles by Santi Ibarra

© Paola de Grenet
The Land Use Plan for Ciutat Vella: Protecting community life

Since 1992, different Land Use Plans have been implemented in Ciutat Vella to regulate economic activities and urban planning licences. The most recent one, approved in 2017, places an...

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