Retrat de Teresa Costa-Gramunt

Writer and designer

A writer and designer specialised in bookplates, she is the founder of the Associació Catalana d’Exlibristes. She has published around 40 books of essays, stories, poems and prose poetry. 

Her prominent books of fiction include L’àngel incorruptible [The Incorruptible Angel], La crisàlide [Chrysalis] and Tot el que perdem [Everything We Lose]. Her books of poems include Llibre d’Unai [Book of Unai], Addicte a la bellesa [Beauty Addict], Anno Domini and Blau de nit a Praga [Blue Night in Prague].

Articles by Teresa Costa-Gramunt

Book: Variacions profanes, Marta Pessarrodona
Marta Pessarrodona, or love is what remains

Coinciding with her distinction with the Premi d’Honor de les Lletres Catalanes 2019, Marta Pessarrodona (Terrassa, 1941) has just published Variacions profanes...

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