Capturing reality

Cámeres de fotografia antigues. Objectes a la venda als Encants de Barcelona. © Rafael Vargas

Few capitals in the world can boast of having been portrayed with as much passion as Barcelona. The collective memory of this city is permeated with thousands of images that reveal the fascination that photography has historically held. But has the love been reciprocated here? Has Barcelona treated its own photographers in the same way? In our debate, some expert voices speak of the lights and shadows of this relationship.


The image also takes centre stage in the interview with Alba Sotorra, documentary film director, who, through her work, seeks to lay bare “the other realities” experienced by men and women in countries such as Turkey or Syria. Sotorra brings together testimonies that provide a different discourse from the one we are accustomed to hearing in the West and reveals the reality beyond stereotypes and prejudices.

And in the books section, three more visions. In Encants i miralls de Barcelona, Rafael Vargas and Victòria Bermejo take a sentimental journey through the city by way of the objects of this peculiar ‘flea market’. Josep Maria Ripoll presents an anthology of articles by music journalist Claudi Montañá. And in Joan Perucho i les edicions pop. L'aventura de Tàber, Julià Guillamon, reveals the writer in his lesser-known facet as an avant-garde editor.

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