Image of a composer robot generated through the Midjourney AI system.
Disruptive technologies, intellectual property and image rights

Disruptive technologies are a driver of change and progress in today’s society, but they also pose significant legal challenges in the realm of intellectual property, image...

The rhythms of 31 FAM draw on music from beyond the usual realms of influence. ​© Nil Ventura
Models, values ​​and contradictions in new generations' music

In the music of their era, every generation has found a vehicle for passing on values, lifestyles and collective aspirations. Lately, some of the most popular music genres have...

Audience at the 2010 Sónar festival. © Vicente Zambrano
Thirty years of BAM and Sónar: two festival models, a common driving force for culture

Festivals have become the ultimate popular spectacle of our times. They have built themselves from scratch in just three decades. In Barcelona, we have gone from a tentative and...

“My generation broke with tradition so that dance would cease to be so elitist”

Àngels Margarit

Àngels Margarit (Terrassa, 1960) is an internationally renowned dancer, choreographer and instructor who has lent her artistic experience to the direction of the Tensdansa festival in...

Inauguració del Festival Grec 2021 al Teatre Grec de Montjuïc. © Laura Guerrero
Summer in Barcelona is equated with the Festival Grec

Summer is the time for festivals, street art and beach concerts. For street festivals and outdoor activities. In Barcelona, the summer performing arts scene has a name that calls...

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