Three Kings factory at Fabra i Coats

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Children. This year we will discover the big mystery hidden in the dreams written in your letters to the Three Kings.

The excitement of the Three Kings’ factory in the District of Sant Andreu is back!

This year we will discover the big mystery hidden in the dreams written in your letters: The magic of joyfulness. With the aim of creating toys that make people happy, we are working hard to ensure that everyone has a present on Kings Day. The dances, the extraordinary spaces and interaction with some people and things make this Three Kings factory a magical place, full of secrets to discover and learn.

The factory is working full tilt, and everything is running smoothly, thanks to the children who come and visit the factory, their smiles, and their wishes, full of hope, written in their letters.

And we mustn't forget that, within this magic, there are also things that can change how we see the world around us. We can discover hidden secrets that only visitors can see: recycling, diversity and safety are this year's action themes at the Three Kings’ Factory.


Torna la il·lusió de la Fàbrica dels Reis d´Orient al Districte de Sant Andreu.

Un espectacle de llum, color i molta màgia que emula una jornada de treball a la fàbrica de les joguines des de la qual els Reis Mags d’Orient poden repartir tots els regals la nit del 5 de gener.

Recinte de Fabra i Coats

C Sant Adrià, 20
Sant Andreu
Sant Andreu
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Recinte de Fabra i Coats
From 28/12/2021 to 04/01/2022

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