Zip lines now open in Gran Via

The play area is in the section connecting Parc de les Glòries and Poblenou, which has now been traffic-calmed with road lanes shifted below ground. Besides the two zip lines, exercise apparatus has been installed along with benches with shade. The measures are aimed at providing uses for local people until the definitive remodelling project is implemented.

13/02/2023 - 15:02 h - Superilla Barcelona Ajuntament de Barcelona

The temporary use will be completed with forty trees in tubs, three table-tennis tables and three futtoc tables. Recreational elements and rest areas can be found between C/ Badajoz and Rambla de Poblenou.

The work takes into account the demands of local people in the participatory process held a year ago.

A total of 30,000 square metres for local people

With the traffic through Plaça de les Glòries now below ground, a 50-metre-wide section of Gran Via has been freed up, providing a surface space of 30,000 sqaure metres. The eight lanes previously used by vehicles will now become a green space, featuring a large area with trees, rest areas and play areas.

This space will connect with the transformation of Plaça de les Glòries, which in 2024 will have been turned into a large park of 9 hectares.