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Santa Eulàlia 20249, 10, 11 and 12 February 2024

The Santa Eulàlia Festivities are here! The winter cold is tempered by the warmth, fire, dances, feelings and emotion of seeing the festivities and festive elements surrounded by the citizens of Barcelona, out in the streets to celebrate the city’s festa major.

Children play the leading role over these days. From the children’s and school giants, to the Catalan children and youth traditional and popular dance groups (esbarts) and the children’s Fire Run... The new generations step up to take the essence of the festa to different corners of Barcelona.

This year, the Winter Festa Major is marked by two important dates. Firstly, we will be celebrating the 600th anniversary of the giants of Barcelona (1424-2024) and, secondly, the bicentenary of the birth of Josep Anselm Clavé, father of the coral movement in Catalonia, in whose honour a very special concert by the Clavé Choirs will be held in the centre of Plaça de Sant Jaume.

And that’s not all. In this year’s Santa Eulàlia festivities, the human towers will once again be touching the Barcelona sky, the Falcons group will amaze the public with their incredible human figures, the devils and beasts will fill the city’s streets with fire, the Seguici Popular (popular procession) will make its first outing of the year, the stick dancers will be banging their sticks harder than ever and, as always on 12 February, the Laia giantesses will once again dance in honour of the patron saint.

Citizens of Barcelona, happy festa major!