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Santa Eulàlia 2023

10, 11 and 12 February 2023

We’re back!The Santa Eulàlia festivities are a key part of the city's festive calendar. For an entire weekend, the city’s streets will be filled with fireworks, dance, music and tradition, while we celebrate our big annual winter festival, with groups from all the city's neighbourhoods.

It is also a really special time for the kids, who year after year, work very hard on the Children’s festival opening speech and feature in events such as the children’s and schools’ giants, the children’s devil groups, dance groups and the smallest beasts. All of these expressions of popular culture are headed by the emblem of the festival: the giant Laia, who is 25 years old this year!

But the celebrations don't end there.Once again, you can enjoy the festive imagery, the lacemakers, the human towers, the falcons, Lali Jove, the stick-dancing groups, the concerts, the sardana dancing, the Eulàlia Route and the choir singing, as well as various new features, including the festa major concert-dance by Tradicionàrius.

And not forgetting the Laies, the giants that come out to parade around the city every 12 February and, like Santa Eulàlia, keep alive the brave, solidarity spirit of Barcelona residents from all eras.

Have a great Festa Major!