Poster of the 11th edition of Sâlmon

The Sâlmon becomes a space for reflection on the living arts

The festival, which will run throughout the year and has new commissions, aims to be a meeting point for local and international actors and to present a critical perspective of contemporary stage practice.

The 11th edition of Sâlmon, Barcelona's living arts festival, will have little to do with those that have preceded it and those to come. The event will last from March to December 2023 and is conceived as a production and research structure with an extended temporality, in which there will be different public moments throughout the year. This is the commitment of the new curators, Andrea Rodrigo and Néstor Garcia, who state: "We understand the festival as a research framework from which to propose spaces and meeting points between the local scene and other state and international agents, and we want to present a critical and current perspective that deepens the discourses and picks up the tendencies of contemporary stage practice". One of the reasons for this initiative, they say, is to bring together performative gestures developed in different spheres in response to the growing tendency of artists to work in various formats.

The curators have also informed that in 2024 the Sâlmon will last two weeks and will take place in February. The 2023 edition will therefore be an extraordinary one, with the aim of answering the question: how can an artistic practice be sustained throughout the year? It will include a public programme and will propose different formats such as co-productions, support for local collectives, a studio group or an editorial line. The public programme will be launched on Thursday 17 March with a screening at the Zumzeig cinema and a subsequent conversation of the documentary The Art of Movement by Boglárka Börcsök and Andreas Bolm. On 10 May there will be a performative lecture by the researcher and curator Isabel de Naverán at the Sandaru Civic Centre, and the "Dimecres de so i cos" at the Santa Mònica will host two actions that month: No hay acto creativo by Norberto Llopis, and Shanshui Pixel Scenes: digital poetry and retro video game aesthetics by Paloma Chen. Other artists and researchers who will take part in some of the contexts of the Sâlmon Festival throughout the year include Cascades, Los Detectives, Claudia Pagès, Bryana Fritz, Ferran Mesa, Harald Beharie, Slow Reading Club and Alex Baczyński-Jenkins.

The festival is organised by Sâlmon Asociación Cultural with the support of Barcelona City Council. All the information on this link.

Publication date: Wednesday, 15 March 2023
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