The actors and puppeteers, along with the protagonist puppets, in a moment of the performance

A puppet and actor show about the relationship between grandchildren and grandparents

Festuc Teatre brings the production Adeu Peter Pan to the stage at Sant Andreu.

Grandparents are those people who love us unconditionally, who indulge us to the point of spoiling us, and who, during a stage of life, are one of the most important figures for any boy or girl. This show, which can be seen at Sant Andreu Teatre from December 6 to 17, revolves around them and the special relationship they establish with their grandchildren.

The production is by Festuc Teatre, an artistic collective from Lleida founded in 2003 by Íngrid Teixidó and Pere Pàmpols (photograph: Xavi Rué), two artists who star in this performance. They not only aim to create entertaining shows for children but also emphasize that the stories they tell should convey values that are useful to the youngest spectators.

This time, they draw inspiration from the story of Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, imagined by the writer James Matthew Barrie. Through many stories, Maria's grandfather tells her about Peter Pan, and they spend hours playing together. So many hours that, in the end, the Lost Boys who accompany this wonderful boy take Maria from her bedroom to Neverland. There, she will encounter the characters you already know if you've read the story: pirates, Tinker Bell, Indians, and the rest of the inhabitants of a novel written in the early 20th century based on the author's initial theatrical version.

Thus, a nearly universal story was born, experiencing a thousand adaptations and giving rise to numerous theatrical productions, films, and literary works based on it. This work by Festuc Teatre has dramaturgy by Íngrid Teixidó, music by Frank Moreno, with a special collaboration of the Orquesta Fireluche, and audiovisual production by Global Production.

You'll see how Maria is immersed in a world of fantasy that becomes her reality. How do adventures change when you experience them firsthand? And, especially, what role have our grandparents played in our lives and the creation of our particular imagination? This story of actors and puppets addresses these questions and is not to be missed.

If you want to see "Adeu Peter Pan" and discover new aspects of this and other characters and find out how a grandfather or grandmother can change your life, come to Sant Andreu Teatre, but first, check the information about the performances on the website.


Publication date: Thursday, 30 November 2023
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