A moment from Me parece que sufro lo que en mi profesión llaman nostalgia

The art of embodying the disembodied

The contemporary dance production Me parece que sufro lo que en mi profesión llaman nostalgia, by the company of Javier Ara and Enrique López, opens at the Sant Andreu Teatre.

Awarded with the SAT! 2021 Prize as part of the Dance Prize of Institut del Teatre, Me parece que sufro lo que en mi profesión llaman nostalgia is an hour-long piece of contemporary dance by the company of choreographers Javier Ara and Enrique López in which they confront the confusion of embodying what has no body. The production, performed by López and Ara and Claudia Bosch, explores, as the company explains, "the intangible nature of time through memory". The group proposes an emotional journey through a sensitive universe with absences and images with no beginning and no end".

The piece will be presented at the Sant Andreu Teatre, SAT! on November 25 and 26, with music and sound space by Alex Aller and Javier Ara, and lighting design by Irene Ferrer. After the performance on the 25th, there will be a colloquium with the company moderated by Júlia Vernet, critic of Javier Ara began his career as a dancer at the age of 19 and entered as a student at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza María de Ávila in Madrid. In 2015 he joined the IT Dansa de Barcelona under the artistic direction of Catherine Allard. Between 2018 and 2021 he worked at Hessisches Staatsballett, in Germany, under the direction of Tim Plegge and Bruno Heynderickx. Last spring he participated in the Biennale College Dance in Venice, directed by Wayne Mcgregor. Enrique López Flores began dancing at a very early age, which, combined with his talent, made him known in certain circles as "the Spanish Billy Elliot". He worked with Ara in both IT Dansa and Hessisches Staatsballett. For more information and tickets, check this link.

Publication date: Monday, 21 November 2022
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