Picture of a detail of La Virreina Centre de la Imatge façade

La Virreina Centre de la Imatge already has a programme for 2022

They'll host the collective samples 'La ciutat en disputa' and 'Biennal 2024', as well as a couple of monographs dedicated to Pedro Costa and Amèlia Riera.

The programme of La Virreina Centre de la Imatge for 2022 will start in March with an exhibition dedicated to the novelist and filmmaker Marguerite Duras and a project by Oriol Vilapuig designed specifically for this space. In October, they will present the first exhibition in the Spanish context of the Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Costa, curated by Javier Codesal, who will also produce a book. María García Ruiz and Moisés Puente will present La ciutat en disputa. Experiments col·lectius entorn de l’habitatge social al sud d’Europa (1945-1976).

The rooms of La Rambla will host an exhibition, curated by Ignasi Duarte, of the photographic productions of Antoni Miralda for more than 40 years. Next, from July to October, they will host the work of the heterodox and unclassifiable artist Amèlia Riera, curated by Pere Pedrals. To finish the year, the Ángela Novo collective, composed of Roc Alabat, Jorge Luis Marzo and Arturo Fito Rodríguez, will present Biennal 2064, a project that proposes several hypotheses that structure the art system and its projections into the future. The project is co-produced with Bòlit Girona.

The Sala Miserachs will host the project La torre de David by Angela Bonadies and Juan José Olavarría, which documents daily life in a 40-storey building occupied by homeless families in the Venezuelan capital. On the other hand, Èlia Llach is preparing a new installation for this space, which will be available from June to October, curated by Frederic Montornès. The season will close with El pixapins, an anthology of performative and video works by Art Larson.

The virtual exhibitions, with the collaboration of the Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones de Barcelona and the artist Adrià Goula, will resume, and the lecture series Sobre l'indispensable will premiere with a talk on the artist Marlene Dumas.

When it comes to the public programme, the research group, devised by the decolonial philosopher of Afro-Caribbean origin Yuderkys Espinosa-Miñoso and the visual artist of Chilean origin Katia Sepúlveda, has initiated a year-long theoretical-practical seminar/laboratory named El futur ja ha passat: Antifuturisme Cimarrón. It features virtual sessions once a month during 2022 with reflections on what the world would be like if Europe and its world project disappeared or simply never existed. Òscar Guayabero will also lead a collective investigation on the graphics of the revolt. These graphics span from the Situationist International, in 1961, to the birth of the anti-globalisation movement with the Anti-WTO Summit, in 1999. The project will culminate in a publication in the coming years.

In early 2022, the exhibition Arxius Lambda. El projecte del Museu Munch d'Oslo will be completed with a series of dialogues in which Iván López Munera, Bruno Latour, Hans Haacke and Richard Sennett will discuss which paradigms are currently renewing the language of architecture and the way cities are lived. In addition, the conference cycle MasterClass Virreina will feature artists who are already preparing their exhibitions for the coming years, such as filmmaker Ulrike Ottinger, writer Camila Sosa Villada and photographer Jeff Wall.

Finally, Francesco Pecoraro, María Moreno and Carlos Pardo will coordinate the seminar Sobre el cinisme, which will analyse the origin and validity of this current of critical thinking. And W.T.J. Mitchell, Franco Bifo Berardi and Max de Esteban will analyse Les polítiques i els usos de les imatges en el neoliberalisme financer in another symposium in March and April.

You can follow the programme of La Virreina Centre de la Imatge closely through its website and social media.

Publication date: Monday, 29 November 2021
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