Schools at Dau


Morning sessions for primary and secondary schools

From Monday 14 to Friday 18 November, at several venues in the Sant Andreu district.

Infant, primary and secondary school students will try out different games, accompanied by facilitators, who will teach them to play. The games are expressly selected according to the age group.

Prior registration is required.

Community Service at Dau Barcelona

This year's Dau Barcelona Festival is offering third- and fourth-year compulsory secondary education students the opportunity to perform a community service initiative as part of the festival.

Prior registration is required.

Course for teaching staff

Face-to-face sessions will be offered on 19 and 20 November as part of the festival.

Face-to-face sessions will be offered from 21 November to 31 March (dates to be confirmed), which will focus on discovering what games-based learning and gamification are and the strategies we can use for applying them in classrooms.

Prior registration is required.



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