Games at school

A year on and Dau Barcelona will be making a virtual appearance in schools throughout the city during this week-long festival as well as a face-to-face appearance at several schools in Sant Andreu. And that’s not all! We’ll also be holding the El joc a l’aula [Games in the Classroom] training course for primary and secondary school teachers in collaboration with the Sant Andreu Educational Resources Centre and the Barcelona Education Consortium. Our objective? To draw attention to the importance of games in the classroom.

8 to 18 November
Traditional and deduction board games for 5th- and 6th-year primary-school children.

Online and face-to-face sessions at schools in the Sant Andreu district.

Advanced booking required.

In collaboration with Barcelona City Council's Sant Andreu District and Sant Andreu Educational Resources Centre.
With the support of several game publishers.

8 to 18 November
“Games in classrooms” training course

Given by Gemma Artés, Luis Cros, Òscar Recio, Meritxell Nieto and Víctor Baroja.

Advanced booking required.

The course is organised by the Barcelona Dau Games Festival, the Sant Andreu Educational Resources Centre and the Barcelona Education Consortium.

Play in the classroom

We learn through play, as everyone knows. However, although it has been much discussed for some years now, play in the classroom is still very much a pending subject. The interest is clear, as can be seen in the fact that activities to popularise the use of play in the classroom always have an audience, and game-based learning courses are always in great demand. Games in education arouse interest and curiosity. So what’s holding us back? Fear of the unknown.

Dau Barcelona wants to bring you closer to the reality of play in the classroom, and that’s why we have asked some of the teachers who are pioneers in the use of board games in class to tell us about their experiences. Because experience is the best way to overcome fear. At the end of the day, games are one more tool available to teachers to help them to pass on knowledge and develop skills in children and young people, and also in adults. Play is not just for children: games are an effective educational tool that can be used from P3 right through to university level and beyond.


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Ressources for games at school


There is a gradually growing awareness of the importance games have as an educational tool. Every year Dau Barcelona receives visits from Sant Andreu’s schools and, besides getting everyone playing, it explains to teachers and students alike why games need to play a role in classrooms.

Dau Barcelona organised a course with the Barcelona Education Consortium at its 2019 edition, aimed at teachers for that purpose. As the experience proved very positive, we will be repeating the course this year, although the current situation obliges us to provide it in virtual format.

In addition, we have asked the publishers collaborating with the Dau Barcelona Games Festival for their studies and reflections on the educational benefits of their board games. These files (in Catalan and Spanish) represent a good part of that work, available to all teachers.