Barcelona talent map

59% of the city’s talent works in strategic sectors such as industry 4.0, health and biotechnology, creative industries and the digital economy. Presented at the third edition of the React economics meeting, the Barcelona talent map offers a living snapshot of the behaviour of the most notable professionals in the metropolitan area, according to data taken from LinkedIn.

30/03/2023 16:20 h

Daniel Guillen

Industry 4.0 attracts 16% of professionals, while health and biotechnology and creative industries are tied at 15%, followed by the digital economy at 12%. The sectors of digital economy (+18%), health and biotechnology (+8%) and the sustainability economy (+7%) experienced the most growth in the last year.

34% of profiles have business and legal training, compared to 20.5% with scientific and technical training. Digital disciplines account for 17.9% of talent in the city, increasingly closer to the percentage of people with business and legal qualifications (19.8%).

The map also shows that the city is highly attractive for people coming from other places: London, Paris, Berlin and Milan are the main European providers of talent for Barcelona, while notable locations beyond Europe are Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and San Francisco.

The map shows an greater presence of women in digital training, attracted by the increase in the range of qualifications in this sphere in universities which traditionally stood out for humanist education.

Backing talent

The Barcelona talent map helps gauge the behaviour, trends and evolution of these types of professionals to identify new opportunities and challenges. The tool complements the set of measures and steps takes over the last four years as part of the government measure “Barcelona, Talent City”.

The map was created by Barcelona Activa with the help of LinkedIn, which allowed access to 1.8 million professional records with Barcelona and the metropolitan area as their area of reference.

The Barcelona talent map was presented as part of the closing session for the Barcelona React economics meeting.

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