Tools to reactivate commercial activity in the city

In an effort to help economic activity in the city recover as soon as possible, preserving people’s safety and helping reduce Covid-19 infections at all times, various tools are being made available to workers and commercial establishments to drive the local economy and strengthen the city’s commercial fabric right from the start of the lockdown exit process.

08/05/2020 19:24 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The so-called ‘stage zero’ for easing lockdown, approved by the Spanish government, came into effect on Monday 4 May. This allows shops and other commercial establishments of up to 400 square metres to re-open, as well as restaurants and other eateries to offer take-aways and home deliveries.

Establishments which decide to open to the public must adopt a series of measures relating to hygiene, safety, capacity and prevention, all aimed at reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19. These measures don’t affect establishments which were already operating during the state of emergency and deemed essential services. A guide with FAQs has been published to help clarify the effects for the commercial and restaurant sectors.

Commercial activity in streets and terraces

In another move to boost the local economy, bars and restaurants will be able to extend their terrace space, with prior permission, and get a 75% reduction in the tax for the use of public space up until the end of the year. Shops will also have things easier to organise fairs outdoors. The intention is also to help recover neighbourhood life while guaranteeing health and safety.

Free courses on cleaning and disinfecting commercial premises

Given that commercial establishments are obliged to disinfect their premises and utensils at least twice a day, Mercabarna’s training services are offering free complementary sessions online for SMEs in the agro-food sector.

State aid for domestic and temporary workers

Domestic workers who have lost income and people who have ended temporary jobs can request special state aid. Full information on these two subsidies can be found on the state public service for employment-related matters.


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