La Mercè 2023 brings all the vitality of the music scene, street arts and popular culture to Barcelona

Music in all its genres and styles, popular culture and street arts   
will once again take centre stage in the programme of activities to celebrate La Mercè in Barcelona, with the festivities taking place from 22 to 25 September. The official launch of the festival will be marked by the opening speech from the writer Najat el Hachmi, on Friday 22 September at 7.00 pm in the Saló de Cent.   
This will be the start of four days of intense activity, and the whole city will have the chance to experience the festivities. The diversity of the multidisciplinary programme, which caters to different tastes and trends with free access, is designed to appeal   
to every kind of audience. 


- All activities   
- Family activities   
- Traditional festivities   
- La mercè sports   
- The festa of light and fire   
- Associa't festival    
- MAC Festival   
- + Mercè   
- Music   
- Kyiv, guest city