Gerardo Santos is a journalist.

Articles by Gerardo Santos

Vista general de la sortida de Barcelona per la Meridiana, amb el barri de Vallbona a la dreta del pont, i Ciutat Meridiana i Torre Baró a l’esquerra.
Where the city earns all its names

In Linde, a photographic project by Myriam Meloni and Arnau Bach, we see the Barcelona behind the ring roads. The Barcelona of the Rec Comtal irrigation...

Vista des del mar de Barcelona amb la plaça de la Rosa dels Vents, l'Hotel W i una part de la platja de Sant Sebastià, en primer pla, i Montjuïc i el World Trade Center, al fons. © Hemav. Ajuntament de Barcelona.
Hermitage, the museum project rattling the Barceloneta neighbourhood

The possible arrival of the Hermitage Museum to the port of Barcelona is met with scepticism and discord in the Barceloneta neighbourhood. While some believe it will...

Una dona penja una pancarta al balcó de casa seva en la qual es llegeix: banca estafa engaña © Pere Virgili
Home, much more than just real estate

“All housing is political” asserted David Madden on his recent visit to Barcelona to present his book In Defense of Housing, co-authored with Peter Marcuse....

Barcelona’s ring roads and some of the major highways connecting with Catalonia’s northern regions come together at the interchange of La Trinitat.
Barcelona, urban borders

There are an infinite number of borders in Barcelona. Social borders, that separate our ways of life and the possibilities they have to offer (the ‘Upper Diagonal’...

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