Portrait of Jordi Nopca

Journalist and writer

(Barcelona, 1983). He holds a Degree in Journalism and Literary Theory and is the editor and coordinator of the weekly book supplement “Ara Llegim” in the newspaper Ara, where he has published more than a thousand articles. 

Following his debut with the novel El talent [Talent] (LaBreu, 2012), he published Puja a casa [Come On Up] (L’Altra, 2015), winner of the Documenta Prize, and La teva ombra [Your Shadow] (Proa, 2019), winner of the first Proa Novel Prize. He has translated authors such as William Maxwell, Les Murray and Jetta Carleton, and has written prologues on Cynthia Ozick (Antiguitats [Antiquities], LaBreu, 2022), Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky (Apunts del subsòl [Subsoil Memories], Angle, 2021) and Gunnhild Oyehaug (Nusos [Knots], Nits blanques, 2021). He has also participated in anthologies of short stories such as Grand Hotel (Univers, 2022), Barcelona 2059 (Mai Més Llibres, 2021), Nits d’estiu [Summer Nights] (Univers, 2020), Gira Barcelona [Barcelona Tour] (Comanegra, 2016) and Punts de fuga [Vanishing Points] (Males Herbes, 2016).

Articles by Jordi Nopca

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