Retrat de Jordi Nopca

Writer and journalist

Jordi Nopca (Barcelona, 1983) is a writer and journalist. He is currently the editor of the newspaper Ara and coordinator of the weekly literary supplement Ara Llegim.

He has published the novel El talent [Talent] (LaBreu, 2012), the collection of short stories Puja a casa [Come on Up] (L’Altra, 2015), Documenta Prize, and the novel La teva ombra [Your Shadow] (Proa, 2020), which has received the first Proa novel award.

Articles by Jordi Nopca

Il·lustració © Enrique Flores
A special gift

Mum is turning sixty-five and I must give her a special gift. I start feeling the pressure the day my granny calls me from the village to remind me – she’s ninety-...

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