Retrat de Mar Galtés


Journalist. Director of business development at Tech Barcelona. Holding a Degree in Information Sciences from the UAB and Programme for Management Development (PDD) from the IESE Business School, she worked for 27 years as a journalist in the Economy section at La Vanguardia (1992-2018), which allowed her to become acquainted with companies and entrepreneurs from every sector and to visit factories all over the world. In 2019 and 2020 she worked at the communications consultancy group LLYC.

She is the author of the books Barcelona startup (Libros de Cabecera, 2020), the history of Barcelona’s digital and technological ecosystem; Aventuras de emprendedores, 57 historias de creatividad y valentía en la empresa [Adventures of Entrepreneurs, 57 Stories of Creativity and Courage in Business] (Libros de Cabecera, 2011) and El timo de la superwoman [The Superwoman Scam] (Planeta, 2010).

Articles by Mar Galtés

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Retrat de Marta Reynal-Querol
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