Retrat de Xavier Melloni i Ribas.

Anthropologist, theologian and religious phenomenologist

Xavier Melloni (Barcelona, 1962) is an anthropologist, theologian and religious phenomenologist. Jesuit and scholar of the Spiritual Exercises, he also has extensive knowledge of the texts of various religions.

He is a member of Cristianisme i Justícia [Christianity and Justice, a study centre dedicated to social and theological reflection], and a professor at the Faculty of Theology of Catalonia and at the Sant Cugat Institute of Fundamental Theology. He lives in the La Cova de Sant Ignasi [Centre for Ignation Spirituality], in Manresa. His publications include Vers un temps de síntesi [Towards a Synthesis of Time], (2011), Déu sin Déu [God Without God] (with Josep Cobo, 2015), both by the publishing house Fragmenta, and El desig essencial [Fundamental Desire] (second edition, 2019) by the publishing house Sal Terrae.

Articles by Xavier Melloni i Ribas

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New spiritualtiesThe spirit, an emerging intangible element

In the current context of cultural and religious plurality we are witnessing something unexpected: a resurgence of the spiritual dimension. As we mature, so do our images and ideas, and...

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