Port Olímpic, a new city space

Port Olímpic is being reborn this year, 2024, as a totally renovated, accessible and sustainable city location. It offers a new venue, with extensive areas for strolling and relaxing next to the Mediterranean, connected to the city’s beaches and Passeig Marítim. 

The Port Olímpic will get its first use as a venue for La Mercè this year. And offers a free daytime programme of cultural and recreational activities in September and October, complementing the women’s and young people’s regattas operating out of the Port Olímpic. 

The Gastronomic Balcony will open on the Moll de Gregal quay. This is a new dining area where visitors can sample a wide variety of high-quality culinary offerings, all uniquely Barcelona in character.  

The Port Olímpic will become home to the city’s first blue economy hub. This project will transform the port into a business activity centre specialised in nautical services, innovation, technology, circular economy, and marine sustainability. 

The port's entire transformation is characterised by a firm commitment to sustainability. A good example of this is the large photovoltaic pergola that will cover the energy requirements of Port Olímpic and other nearby facilities. It will also serve the ultra-rapid charging points for electric boats, which will position Port Olímpic as a leader in sustainable sailing.

Port Olímpic has also promoted the formation of a bio-regeneration reef in order to foster the regeneration of the seabed around Barcelona and its biodiversity. 

Municipal Sailing Centre

The Municipal Sailing Centre has been comprehensively renovated to expand its services and promote nautical sports, especially among younger city residents. 

The idea behind the revamp to this iconic facility, which opened in 1992 for the Olympic Games and forms part of the Blue Pavilion, is to turn it into a sports platform giving access to the sea to the locals and any sailing enthusiast.

The revamp increases the range of services available, creates a new multi-purpose hall in the upper section of the centre and reconditions all the facilities according to efficiency, sustainability and accessibility criteria. 

Key moment for sailing

The intention is to boost popular nautical activity as one of the main strategies of the new Port Olímpic, and to consolidate the Municipal Sailing Centre as a meeting point for nautical sports and members of the public at a key time for sailing in Barcelona, with the city about to host the America’s Cup.

The Municipal Sailing Centre will be a vital part of Port Olímpic's sailing ecosystem, working with these communities to promote it as a venue for regattas and all kinds of informative marine activities.