The largest exhibition of Catalan catamarans, in Barcelona


Barcelona coast

During the America’s Cup, Barcelona will be hosting the largest ever exhibition regatta for patins de vela, or Catalan catamarans. The exhibition will take place in October, and the Catalan patinaires will be sharing the race course used by the teams taking part in the Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup. It is expected that a record 300 Catalan catamarans will take part.  

The patí de vela, or Catalan catamaran, is a lightweight, genuinely Catalan vessel with a single Marconi type sail and no boom, rudder or centreboard. 

The Fundació Barcelona Capital Nàutica, which brings together all the public agencies, is also working to establish a patí de vela school and youth league, which would be carried on in the city as a legacy project.

This project aims to promote sailing and, more specifically, Catalan catamarans among the younger generations, so that they can also enjoy this century-old vessel and take up sailing them as a hobby.