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As a prelude to Sant Jordi's Day, the Barcelona Libraries present the Sant Jordi Dialogues, a meeting space for authors and readers and  three days of conversations between writers from all over the world based on affinities in their latest works.

This year also marks the centenary of Josep Vallverdú, the great classic of Catalan literature for children and young adults.

Enjoy reading recommendations from the protagonists of the Sant Jordi Dialogues and Josep Vallverdú. Because the best stories are being told at the Barcelona Libraries!

  • Image of the cover of the book Vidas Provisionales
    Vidas provisionales

    Gabriela Adameșteanu

    A story about a sentimental education in communist Romania; an example of how politics affected people's relationships and everyday life.

    Library: Poblenou - Manuel Arranz

  • Image of the cover of the book  "Lo demás es aire"
    Lo demás es aire

    Juan Gómez Bárcena

    The author narrates the history of his town —a small village in Cantabria— over the course of the last few centuries, starting with a family that buys a house as a second home.

    Library: Fort Pienc

  • Image of the cover of the book  "Materials de construcció"
    Materials de construcció

    Eider Rodríguez

    An autobiographical novel, the main theme of which is the father's alcoholism, a circumstance that had a profoundly negative effect on family life and, in particular, on the author's relationship with her father.

    Library: Esquerra de l’Eixample - Agustí Centelles

  • Image of the cover of the book
    Vengo de ese miedo

    Miguel Ángel Oeste

    The narrator wants to write about his family, but omits the testimony of his father—a figure for whom the narrator feels disgust but who ends up being the protagonist of the story.

    Library:  Vilapicina i la Torre Llobeta

  • Image of the cover of the book  "Quasi un miracle: tots els contes "
    Quasi un miracle: tots els contes

    Antònia Vicens

    A collection of all the author's stories, which deal with different subjects, some of them difficult, such as ageing, deception, sadness, impossible love, etc., and others with a more optimistic air, such as the joy of life and friendship.

    Library: Francesca Bonnemaison

  • Image of the cover of the book  "Encarnacions"

    Biel Mesquida

    A total of 100 stories which, with detail and passion, reflect the possible ways of living —from a cultural and sociological point of view— in present-day Mallorca. .

    Library: Camp de l’Arpa - Caterina Albert

  • Image of the cover of the book "I si una nació desfilant per una catifa vermella"
    I si una nació desfilant per una catifa vermella

    Juana Dolores

    In this artistic project, which includes poetic texts, photography and music, the author positions the Catalan nation as protagonist, embodied in a lady who laments and exposes traitors, allies and metaphorical companions.

    Library: Guinardó - Mercè Rodoreda

  • Image of the cover of the book  "La familia"
    La familia

    Sara Mesa

    La familia is a critical snapshot not only of a working-class family and the personalities of its members, but also of its complexity, fragilities, contradictions, silences and set traditions.

    Library: Jaume Fuster

  • Image of the cover of the book "La mestra i la bèstia"
    La mestra i la bèstia

    Imma Monsó

    A young teacher goes to work in a rural school in the Ribagorçà Pyrenees. Little by little, she will learn about life and coexistence in a rural environment, discovering the scars that history has left on its inhabitants.

    Library: Clarà

  • Image of the cover of the book  "Cap altre amic que les muntanyes: escrit des de la presó de Manus"
    Cap altre amic que les muntanyes: escrit des de la presó de Manus

    Behrouz Boochani

    Based on the author's personal experience of illegal detention in an immigration detention centre in 2013, he exposes the violence and injustices committed in our name under the pretext of the law.

    Library: Trinitat Vella - José Barbero

  • Image of the cover of the book  "Un món comú"
    Un món comú

    Marina Garcés

    The author examines her philosophical thinking by asking herself, “How can we learn to say ‘we’ when faced with the collective identity that defines and limits its meaning?”

    Library: Les Corts - Miquel Llongueras

  • Image of the cover of the book  El vuitè nan
    El vuitè nan

    Josep Vallverdú

    What if the story of Snow White was told differently to how it has always been? In the enchanted forest where the dwarves live, a baby appears whom they care for as if it were one of their own... until it grows a little too big!

    Library: Xavier Benguerel