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On Sant Jordi’s Day, Barcelona City Council has a book stall on Passeig de Gràcia (between Gran Via and Carrer de la Diputació). The Sala Ciutat bookshop (Carrer de la Ciutat, 2) will also be open. You can obtain newly published books, along with those from previous years, all at a 10% discount. Check out all the publications and books on the Barcelona Llibres website, with free download.



  • El més petit de tots

    El més petit de tots

    Lola Anglada i Sarriera

    Published in 1937 and now rediscovered on the author's 130th birthday, this is an exceptional example of the anti-fascist struggle and grassroots Catalan nationalism.

  • Un trajecte pels feminismes fílmics. 30 anys de la Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones de Barcelona

    Un trajecte pels feminismes fílmics

    Marta Selva Masoliver and Anna Solà Arguimbau

    Thirty years of films that have made a decisive contribution to feminist debates. An innovative essay on cinema and feminism that’s essential reading.

  • Libro: 32 bèsties. Bestiari de Barcelona

    32 bèsties. Bestiari de Barcelona

    Laia Berloso (illustration) and Nico Alonso (text)

    Discover the history of the traditional beasts that are important elements of the popular culture of the city’s different neighbourhoods. 3D colouring book, featuring the 32 beasts that form part of the Seguici Popular or Communal Procession.

  • Llibre: Els camins antics de Barcelona

    Els camins antics de Barcelona

    Xavier Martínez i Edo

    21 urban walking routes that follow the of old paths through the Pla de Barcelona. Another way of walking in Barcelona.

  • Sarrià - Sant Gervasi: patrimoni documental i identitat cívica

    Sarrià - Sant Gervasi: patrimoni documental i identitat cívica

    Daniel Venteo

    Sarrià - Sant Gervasi is a paradigmatic example of how to safeguard the documentary heritage that has enriched local identity through historical documents.

  • Llibre: Ignasi Iglésias 1871-1928. La vigència d’un mite oblidat

    Ignasi Iglésias 1871-1928

    Various authors

    The rediscovery of the life and works of a leading figure from the Barcelona neighbourhood of Sant Andreu, one who should never have been forgotten.

  • Book: Àlbum Joaquim Molas

    Àlbum Joaquim Molas

    Llorenç Soldevila and Manuel Llanas (Ed.)

    The most personal and largely unknown album of an exceptional literary critic and historian, highlighting his experiences and thoughts./p>

  • Barcelona: Última copa

    Barcelona: Última copa

    Guillem Cifré and David Castillo (prologue)

    Relive the Barcelona of the 1980s, through the unique vision of an artist whose comic strips have already become an indelible memory.

  • Barcelona freak show

    Barcelona freak show

    Enric H. March

    An extensive and unusual tour through the history of fairground booths and travelling shows in the city of Barcelona, from the18th century to 1939.

  • Ántifémina


    Colita (photography) and Maria Aurèlia Capmany (text)

    The rediscovery of a lost book, 43 years after its initial publication, celebrating the lives of two prominent Barcelona women: Colita and M. Aurèlia Capmany.

  • Flors i violes. La Barcelona literària en clau femenina

    Flors i violes. La Barcelona literària en clau femenina

    Mª Àngels Cabré

    A literary stroll around the Barcelona of writers and their women characters, along with some urban legends based around women.

  • Joan Fuster i Barcelona

    Joan Fuster i Barcelona

    Martí Estruch Axmacher

    A book published in 2012 but still topical and which we are recovering for Joan Fuster Year, celebrating the centenary of the birth of this Valencian author.