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2022 edition





  • General: More than 1,000 people registered in the first edition of the CULTUROPOLIS Conference


  • By country: Of the total participants registered online, 73% came from Catalonia, 5% from the rest of Spain, and 22% from abroad, mostly from Europe (20% of the total, mainly from Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Portugal and Germany); but also, with a smaller proportion, from countries from other continents (Chile, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Jordan, Argentina, Azerbaijan, China, Colombia, Jamaica, Peru and Tunisia).


Number of speakers:

The conference had a total of 95 speakers, both local and international:

  • 40 general speakers
  • 55 speakers at the academic congress

Number of activities:

The conference featured the following activities:

  • 7 roundtable discussions
  • 11 panel discussions and academic debate
  • 4 project presentation blocks
  • 36 international best practice projects
  • 12 performances and cultural activities
  • 5 participatory workshops

Impact on press and communication:

  • 36 hits in offline and online print media.
  • Over 300,000 views on Barcelona Cultura social media.
  • Over 38,000 visits to the CULTUROPOLIS website.

A  total of 257 projects were presented at the CULTUROPOLIS project conference.

In the call for papers of the academic congress, a total of 108 research abstracts were presented.