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Gloria Ribera
Gloria Ribera

Gloria Ribera graduated in Dramatic Art from Barcelona’s Institut del Teatre and she is trained in classical singing, the cello and creative writing. She is also an actress and performer.

In 2017, she founded the theatre company José y sus Hermanas with plays such as Los bancos regalan sandwicheras y chorizos and Arma de construcción masiva.

She has also acted in productions such as My low cost revolution, by the Fundación Agrupación Colectiva.

Her other interests include recovering the couplet with Amalia Calderón, with performances at the Teatre Arnau, the History Museum of Catalonia (MHC) and the Cercle del Liceu.

In 2021, she premièred Parné, a co-production on the Support for Creation programme for that year’s Tàrrega Fair, the TNT Terrassa Noves Tendències Festival, the Manresa Mediterranean Fair and the Antic Teatre.