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Juan Carlos Lérida
Flamenco researcher

Receives flamenco training in Seville. In 1997 he moved to Barcelona to investigate the relationship between flamenco and other artistic branches. Higher degree in dance: Choreography and interpretation techniques. Extraordinary prize 2007 (Institut del Teatre de Barcelona), his mark as a choreographer, dancer and pedagogue makes him recognized as one of the current representatives of avant-garde flamenco. His career includes direction, choreography and interpretation for various companies and projects, as well as work with his own stage plays: "The Art of War" (2006), "The Learning" (2011), "Bailography" (2014) and the trilogy about flamenco bodies: "Al Toc" (2010), "Al Cante" (2014), "Al Ball" (2016). Curator from 2009 to 2014 of the cycle "Empiric Flamenco" Mercat dels Flors (Barcelona). Currently curator of the flamenco festival Tanzhaus NRW (Dusseldorf) and director of the research laboratory at the Flamenco Institute of Theater (Barcelona). It premiered in 2021 in Mercat de les flors and surroundings of Montjuïc "The liturgy of the hours", a 12-hour traveling play.