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©Foto: Terren Hurst

En Palabras [relatos migrantes]
Creative-writing and human-exchange collective for recognising the contribution made by migrant cultures

En palabras [relatos migrantes] is a collective writing and literary-dissemination project that facilitates the narratives and memory-building of migrants in Barcelona. The narratives are put together to present the cultures of origin and promote interculturality, questioning the traditional Eurocentric approach. Its goal is therefore to recognise the contributions made by new populations in the city, safeguard the right to migrate with dignity and promote the transfer and learning of cultural knowledge from an anti-racist and de-colonial perspective.

Life stories are shared in the workshops through writing and literary-exploration methodologies, communication, listening and empathy skills are developed and collaborative narratives created. Literary texts are created with the support of social and cultural writers and facilitators who help to shape the content of different cultural publications. In addition, the workshops create environments of mutual trust and recognition, dialogue, discussion and exchange between individuals from different cultural contexts and empowerment of migrants as entitled to rights and active players of social change and cultural participation.

En palabras [relatos migrantes] is an invitation to write for our recognition, sharing, remembering, building memories, understanding, planning, raising voice and empowering. A call for writing to exist, remain and resist.