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roberto cimetta
Manifesto for the mobility of artists and culture professionals in the Mediterranean and beyond
A base for promoting contact, exchanges and learning in the region’s artistic and cultural realms

Mobility has drastically changed over the last few years and is currently threatened by the pandemic, digital trends, forced displacements, diversity, access and sustainability, among other factors. Besides being essential for artists and cultural operators to develop their professional careers, it is being drastically curtailed, especially in the Mediterranean region.

To tackle the new trends, several online and face-to-face work groups and workshops were held for a collective rethink of mobility with artists and cultural professionals from the Mediterranean regions, to understand their needs and to attempt to find the best ways of meeting them.

A manifesto was prepared last April offering a basis for new public discussions and debates throughout the region, to take on the challenges of mobility. One of its key issues is sustainability, which is opening up new possibilities and practices for launching greener mobility initiatives.

The manifesto has also inspired the Reimagining mobility group, to provide artists and cultural professionals with tools they can use for continuing to establish contacts, exchanging knowledge and learning in the new context.