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MAR, Plataforma de mediación cultural y nuevas institucionalidades
Platform for cultural mediation and new institutionalities

MAR is a platform launched by the Daniel i Nina Carasso Foundation, the Museu Reina Sofia and the hablarenarte association, whose main goal is to promote important initiatives for change in contemporary cultural institutions towards greater openness and permeability in society.

The platform is made up of three nodes: Notar, Alzar la voz juntas (Alzar) and Caja de resonancias (Caixa). The Notar node carries out a research residence programme; Alzar, in turn, is set up as a cultural mediation network; and Caja constructs a digital dossier of useful resources on the matter. The three nodes making up MAR constitute a fluid structure where continuous exchanges between them generate a plural and dynamic space for exchanging knowledge and experiences.

MAR’s initials do not stand for any one particular thing but for several at the same time: M for museum and mediation; A for arise and archive; R for network (red, in Spanish), residences and resonances. The proposal's general aim is to blur the traditional lines between cultural organisations and civil society, on the understanding that mediation can promote a change of paradigm that effectively involves everyone in cultural life and the public sphere.