Proposing to live within the Doughnut means developing it...

... and adding social and ecological limits, local aspirations and global responsibilities in order to obtain the four “lenses” in which we can visualise the future we want. This involves asking the question:

  • What makes it possible for city residents to thrive... >> Social-local lens
  • ... within a habitat that is as naturalised as possible... >> Ecological-local lens
  • ... while respecting the well-being of other people... >> Social-global lens
  • ... and the health of the entire planet? >> Ecological-global lens


Aspiracions localsResponsabiliTATS globals

Lent local-ecològica

...en una urbs que ofereixi els màxims serveis ecosistèmics...

Lent global-ecològica

... i la salut de tot el planeta?

Lent local-social

Què permet a la gent de la ciutat prosperar...

Lent global-social

...respectant el benestar de les persones de tot el món...

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