El Ayuntamiento presenta un tercer paquete de medidas

Cultura TV. Barcelona Dibuixa, the big drawing party in barcelona !

Whether it’s at home, in the park, in a museum, at school, in a civic centre, with friends, with your family: draw!

The international jazz festival is back with all the health measures and more enthusiasm than ever

Festival de arquitectura. Del 15 de octubre al 15 de noviembre

Flamenco más nuestro que nunca

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Actualment, amb el criteris d’aquesta cerca, no hi ha cap Recomanem

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The MareNostrum supercomputer

The new agreement is a continuation of the one signed three years ago with the aim of continuing to develop joint projects in the fields of science, technology and innovation.

‘Peix’, the circus show by Hotel Iocandi
Circus   ( + )

The fourth edition of Tangent will be held during the months of September, October and November due to the current covid situation.

Palau de la Virreina
More culture

Located on the ground floor of the Palau de la Virreina, where the Tiquet Rambles office had been housed up to now (La Rambla, 99), the Citizen Office for Culture will be opening to the public this Tuesday, 2 June.  The venue's transformation is expected to be completed by September 2021, though it will already be offering assistance to individuals and organisations from the city’s cultural fabric as from this June.

Culture at home   ( + )

Barcelona City Council has announced a second package of eleven measures, with a further investment of €1,670,000, to support the city's cultural network. The plan reinforces grassroots culture, keeps or expands existing programmes - such as the Barcelona Grec Festival, among others - and provides financial aid for the physical adaptation of cultural venues to the post-COVID-19 scenario and the creation of innovative projects. The new measures include the launch of a Casa de la Música [House of Music] in 2021, the opening of a new Citizen Culture Office and the provision of public places for musical events.

El usuario paga 30€ y el Ayuntamiento de Barcelona añade 10€

Música al Castell

Acercando la oferta cultural al público juvenil