Dau Barcelona 2020 Awards

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The Dau Barcelona Awards are divided into three categories which aim to reward game authors and other individuals whose activities help to improve the board games sector.

“A life dedicated to games” Award

This honorific award is presented every year to an individual who has made games the centre of their life, whether for academic, informative, creative or commercial purposes.

It is awarded by the winners from the previous two editions of the Dau Barcelona Awards in the same category.

The winners of the 'A LIFE DEDICATED TO GAMES' Award in 2018 and 2019, Irving Finkel and Philip E. Orbanes, have proposed Thierry Depaulis as the winner of the 2020 Award, for a life dedicated to studying the history of card games.

“Best author of the year” Award

Award presented each year to the author with the most outstanding board game creation from the previous year.

It is awarded by the winners of the previous three editions of the Dau Barcelona Awards, in the categories of “Best author of the year” and “Best new author of the year”.

The winners of the 'BEST AUTHOR OF THE YEAR' and 'BEST NEW AUTHOR OF THE YEAR' AWARDS in 2017, 2018 and 2019 – Inka and Markus Brand, Eugeni Castaño, Wolfgang Warsch, Eloi Pujadas and Joaquim Vilalta, Phil Walker-Harding and Elizabeth Hargrave – have decided to give the 'BEST AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2020' Award to Thomas Sing, for the quality of his games published in 2020, especially The Crew.

“Best new author of the year” Award

Award given to the most outstanding author who has published their first board game during the year before each edition of the Dau Barcelona Awards.

It is awarded by a jury made up of representatives of the board game media.

Spanish bloggers and YouTubers specialising in games, Lorena Garcés, Cati Hernández, Marcel Lucas, David Pérez, Fran Rico and David Rodríguez, have decided to give the 'BEST NEW AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2020' Award to Ondra Skoupý for her first game, Letter Jam.


You can watch the Awards' ceremony here.

Rules of the Dau Barcelona Awards (in Catalan)

Thierry Depaulis

Thierry Depaulis


Speech to Announce Thierry Depaulis

Bona tarda.

As last year’s Dau winner of the Barcelona Premi Especial Award, it is my honor and pleasure to introduce this year’s recipient.

As Dan Glimne reminded us last year, the rules require the winner to have devoted his or her life to games. Therefore, this award is truly the highest honor in the world we love.

This year’s award winner is the amazing games scholar from France, Thierry Depaulis.

His life in games began 47 years ago, at age 24, during his military service, when he discovered the game of Tarot and began to contemplate the significance of its cards and history.

By 1980, Thierry published his first articles on early French card games. Soon, the Bibliothèque Nationale asked Thierry to prepare a playing-card exhibition and he chose the Tarot as its theme.

Thierry began to fill in the gaps of French playing card history, and then Spanish and English cards as well. In 1992, the International Playing Card Society made him an honorary member.

Thierry’s interest expanded to board games, including backgammon and checkers, or draughts. He soon published a series of articles on mind games.

Thierry considered his first true contribution to the history of games to be his writings on the dice and board games of the Inca, published in Board Game Studies in 1998. The topic of Precolumbian games had not been explored previously. Thierry then researched the games of other indigenous peoples of America.

In 2002 he joined the administration board of the Swiss Museum of Games Foundation and continues there to this day. The following year he became Chairman of the International Playing-Card Society.

Thierry’s interests continued to expand, including study of cabinet makers who made wood game boards and pieces, and then the history of paper- because paper is the soul of card games.

It estimated that since 1980, Thierry has published several hundred articles, books and exhibition catalogues. You may find many of them listed in his Wiki.

I think you will agree that Thierry Depaulis is marvelously qualified to receive this year’s Dau Award for his exhaustive research and documentation in the field of games. And it is my pleasure to do so.

Congratulations Thierry.

Moltes gràcies.

Bona nit.