Support for the city’s cultural network with three new subsidy calls

Three new subsidy calls have now been opened in the sphere of culture. The subsidies target creation, bookshops, cinemas, live music venues and experimental and innovative ICT investment projects. Applications can be made until 15 September.

20/07/2021 13:49 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Barcelona Institute of Culture has opened up three new subsidy packages, worth an overall total of 570,000 euros.

Package 1: Independent creation spaces, bookshops and cinemas with up to seven projection halls. A total of 220,000 euros has been allocated for renovation work, modernisation and the provision of technical equipment for these types of spaces.

Package 2: Live music venues. Funding will be available for projects to gauge the impact of noise, to install noise level limiters or recorders, to carry out renovations or provide technical equipment. This funding is structured into three categories: live culture venues, small-format venues and medium or large format venues. The total amount in this package is 250,000 euros.

Package 3: ICT investment. The subsidy call for investing in ICT infrastructure seeks to help experimental and innovative projects explore new languages and methodologies for cultural projects and digital creativity. Consideration will be given to projects linked to new media, virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality, plus tech for learning. This package is worth 100,000 euros overall.

Check all the information on subsidy calls to support the cultural network here.


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