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Joan Safont Plumed (Barcelona, 1984) is a journalist and writer. He holds a Degree in Law and a Master’s in Journalism, and is writing his doctoral thesis while coordinating the culture supplement “La Llança” for

He contributes to media outlets that include El Temps, L’Avenç, Crític, Revista de Catalunya, TV3 and Rac1. He has published several books on journalism, history and culture of the 20th century, such as Per França i Anglaterra. La Primera Guerra Mundial dels aliadòfils catalans [For France and England. The First World War of the Catalan Allies] (A Contra Vent, 2012), Sabotatge contra Franco [Sabotage Against Franco] (Angle, 2017) and Greuges i desgreuges [Grievances and Reparations] (Ara, 2018).

Articles by Joan Safont Plumed

Retrat de Teresa Cabré. © Álex Losada
“Languages that are in a bell jar do not evolve”

Teresa Cabré

The linguist and philologist Maria Teresa Cabré i Castellví (L’Argentera, 1947) was elected president of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans [IEC, Institute for Catalan...

Llibre: Joan Perucho i les edicions pop. L’aventura de Tàber, Julià Guillamon. Ajuntament de Barcelona, 2020
Joan Perucho, the pop editor

Perucho the pop editor is who is described in Joan Perucho i les edicions pop. L’aventura de Tàber [Joan Perucho and Pop Editions. Tàber’s Adventure]. This...

Retrat de Laura Huerga al seu despatx. © Clara Soler Chopo
“Us independent publishers bring diversity”

Laura Huerga

The publisher Laura Huerga (Barcelona, 1978) is an unusual case on the Catalan literary scene. With professional beginnings far removed from the cultural world, it...

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