Il·lustració © Maria Corte
The futures of workRedefining work, the workforce and the workplace

“The old world is dying and the new world struggles to be born. Now is the time of monsters.” These are the words of the philosopher Antonio Gramsci referring...

Retrat d'Alba Sotorra. © Laura Guerrero
“I make films to show realities differently”

Alba Sotorra

Alba Sotorra Clua (Reus, 1980) makes documentary films out of a desire to become acquainted with realities and provide a different perspective to the one conveyed by...

Il·lustració © Enrique Flores
Tackling climate emergencyOvertaking the old mobility. The car, from host to guest

Cities are currently the scene of the foremost social, environmental and economic challenge posed by sustainable mobility. It is time to apply new formulae, such as...

Il·lustració © Enrique Flores
Tackling climate emergencyMoving towards a city that cares for us

The health crisis brought on by the pandemic, with the extreme experience of lockdown, has made us see that human habitability is not resolved within the limits of...

Il·lustració © Enrique Flores
Tackling climate emergencyBe part of the solution

The fight against climate change is a colossal challenge that calls for rethinking the entire organisation of the city from top to bottom. It is the whole urban...

Barcelona, Fotògrafes/Fotógrafas, d`Isabel Segura.
Barcelona in the eyes of women photographers

For a long time, Spanish photographers saw their creative aspirations determined by the role society assigned to them. The book Barcelona, fotógrafas, by...

Il·lustració © Raquel Marín
Open city. The challenges of the futureThe city is bare: nature as necessity

The lockdown triggered by the pandemic has revealed the shortcomings of urban living as we knew it to us. The rural world now offers tranquillity and contact with...

Il·lustració © Raquel Marín
Open city. The challenges of the futureCities that learn from science: the response to a design crisis

COVID-19 has spread faster in dense urban areas, resulting in a higher mortality rate compared to rural areas. By drawing the diagram of the virus’s behaviour and its...

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