Illustration © Cinta Fosch
You won’t fuck

He wasn’t allowed salt, but he gave himself special dispensation when he was with his beloved fancy woman. Well, he did so every day, and Anselm was already...

Cancel culture: A threat to freedom of expression?

Spurred on by social media, cancel culture is gaining ground. In its name, works, opinions and even people are cancelled. Its advocates contend that it is a...

© Eva Parey
“Being caught by surprise is the most wonderful thing, in theatre and in life”

Emma Vilarasau

Two days after Lali Symon premiered at the Romea theatre, as part of the latest Grec Festival, Emma Vilarasau arrives in the theatre’s foyer before...

Illustration © Cinta Fosch
The social divides of the housing crisisHouse is a house is a house is a house is a house

The design of a substantial amount of housing is based on an obsolete concept that organises space according...

Illustration. © Romualdo Faura

I didn’t know that sometimes we forget about forgetting, that this memory that had robbed us of so much of our sleep, this possibility that planned a parallel...

The 3D digital space allows visitors to explore each and every one of the construction phases of the monastery grounds. © Reial Monestir de Santa Maria de Pedralbes. 2019
The Monastery of Pedralbes, as never seen before

The exhibition Rere els murs del monestir. Set-cents anys d’una història en femení [Behind the Monastery Walls. Seven Hundred Years of a Female...

Portrait of Maruja Torres. ​© Javier Barbancho
“People who are confident make me wary of them”

Maruja Torres

Maruja Torres arrives at our interview on foot with the aid (more mental than physical) of a wooden walking stick. She says that walking is good for her, and...

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