Some of the specific measures have started to be implemented following the approval of the Climate Plan for 2018-2030 on 26 October and the Climate Emergency Declaration on 15 January 2020, and these will be monitored. The goal is to continue promoting the measures that have been effective while correcting and predicting the continuation of other measures that fail to work.

The following actions are being taken for an assessment of the progress being made in the measures implemented for tackling the climate emergency in the city:

  • Periodic monitoring of the measures in accordance with the changing reality and the city's reality
  • Monitoring of the strategic goals of the Climate Plan and Climate Emergency Declaration with regard to energy consumption, greenhouse-gas emissions, ecomobility, generation of energy from renewable sources, the sources of the Council’s funding, water consumption and so on.
  • Monitoring of the indicators identified in each line of action, according to not just the context but also the impact and implementation of the measures.

Strategic Objectives 2030

The initial indicators were calculated at the start of the Climate Plan and Climate Emergency Declaration, and are measured and reported annually through the official platforms (Carbon Disclosure Project). In addition, monitoring information is also being periodically offered, for the purposes not just of accounting to citizens for the work carried out but also of complying with the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy.

Presentation day events are being held for these reports to carry out a joint assessment with citizens and other players involved, as well as a monitoring of the implementation of collaborative projects driven by citizen action.

The Climate Plan and Climate Emergency Declaration have short-, medium- and long-term goals. Monitoring of the milestones and implementation of the plan will be carried out manually using reports that measure the degree of fulfilment of the objectives. In this sense, this is a dynamic plan, because it will be periodically updated and programmed in line with these results.