Sustained excessive heat is bringing about a rise in mortality and morbidity, especially among the most vulnerable groups, people such as the elderly who, owing to their social and economic situation or their condition, health or age suffer the effects of the heat more directly.

Heat waves are expected to become more and more intense and frequent because of the climate crisis. There is currently a heat wave every 4 years on average, and that frequency is expected to multiply by 8 in the best of cases and by up to 16 in the worst.

Barcelona City Council has therefore decided to create a network of climate shelters, where the public can go and protect themselves from the heat.

Barcelona has expanded its network of climate shelters for the summer of 2022 to more than 200 (202), with the following features

They are activated during the preventive stage for heat waves, from 15 June to 15 September.

They provide the population with thermal comfort, while maintaining their normal uses and functions.

They may be indoors (temperature 26 degrees) or outdoors (parks and gardens with a high presence of urban greenery and water fountains).

They are for people vulnerable to heat (babies, the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, etc.,) so long as they do not require medical attention.

They are easily accessible, provide rest areas (chairs) and are safe.


They are duly signposted with this symbol

Climate shelters

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