The main aims of the Climate Plan are to reduce Barcelona’s contribution to climate change, anticipate the climate risks to ensure and improve the city’s ability to respond to the already inevitable effects, and reduce people's vulnerability to climate change to guarantee their health and well-being.

The Climate Plan was approved at the Full Municipal Council Meeting of 26 October 2018, thereby satisfying one of the pledges undertaken in the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy signed in 2017. The plan is based around four key areas: mitigation (to prevent the effects from becoming worse), adaptation (to prepare us for the impacts that are already occurring), climate justice (particularly aimed at protecting the most vulnerable people) and collective action (because we cannot tackle such a major challenge alone). All with a citizen and collective action approach. The Climate Plan’s time-frame runs to 2030, and it includes targets and strategic measures for both the short term (2018-2020) and medium-long term (2021-2030).

The Climate Plan is an opportunity to join forces and make Barcelona a pioneering city that accepts responsibility for its contribution to climate change and makes preparations to reduce its vulnerability to its effects and become a fairer, more participatory city.

The Climate Plan is a strategic plan:

  • Based on science and numerous international and local studies, making it a sound and rigorous plan.
  • Focused on people, with its main aim being to ensure that climate change does not have a detrimental impact on citizens, particularly the most vulnerable people.
  • Offers a comprehensive and cross-cutting response to the climate change problem in the city, coordinating the joint efforts of multiple City Council departments, alongside citizens.
  • That is innovative, as it provides the knowledge, tools, structures and resources needed to tackle climate change.
  • Co-produced by Barcelona City Council and city residents. It came about as a result of public demand: we have been working together with local residents who are also helping to put the plan into action.
  • That is ambitious, as it reinforces existing policies and complements them with new policies that enable us to make the most of resources and achieve palpable and measurable results 

It has received a number of distinctions and awards: