Pre-emergency stage of Barcelona’s drought protocol activated

30/11/2023 - 11:37 h

Drought. A new scenario not initially contemplated in the Drought Plan.

Given the current drought, the Catalan Water Agency has activated a new scenario (initially not contemplated in the drought plan) with temporary measures to delay the effective declaration of an emergency.

This stage does not involve shutting down the water supply to people, but rather a series of measures to reduce the volume of water used by individuals, companies and municipal councils around the country. It will be complemented with various public awareness and communication measures to save more water.

In practical terms, thanks to the preliminary work in the city between institutions and citizens, the new stage does not affect water supplies to households and the most significant limitation on top of the measures established in the previous stage will be at facilities for federated sports activities, which must reduce watering from 450m3 per hectare per month to 200 m3.

In Barcelona, the working group on the drought, set up by the City Council with the participation of all administrations and operators involved, has already met to analyse the pre-emergency situation and the measures that need to be adopted in the city if restrictions are increased in the coming weeks.

Full details on the new stage and tips on saving water can be found on the website on the drought in Barcelona.